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   The CallStreamIVR Media Processing Platform. It has field proven over the past 10 years and today offers a wide range of services services such as IVR, VoIP, Messaging, wireless e-mail, fax processing, conferencing, audiotex, Thai Text to Speech, Thai Automatic Speech Recognition, Switch Application and its open environment allows it to integrate with 3rd parties products such as CTI middleware and PBXs. Additionally, because it supports more than 160 signaling protocols worldwide. CallStreamIVR software is available for Windows NT, Windows 2000, UNIX or Linux operating systems.
Application Development with CallStream Studio:
   CallStream Studio is the graphical user interface call flow development environment includeded in CallStreamIVR. User can create complexities application base on available Service Nodes and includes facilities for voice recording and playback, information retrieval and conversion to voice response, information entry and reporting, call transfer and call control using touch tone (DTMF) signaling or Thai automated speech recognition (ASR) technology, Thai Text to Speech, Conferencing, Switch Call between port, Voice Over IP, etc.
   CallStream Studio simplifies the telephony applications by represent Telephony function as an icons. In a fully object-oriented environment, a developer can link these icons together to create a graphical flow chart of the application. The CallStream Studio graphical user interface (GUI) provides cut-and-paste, copy, highlight and many other easy editing commands for connecting the icons in a call flow.
   The user double clicks on each icon to set property of each node to command the IVR with out High Level of Programming. Recording and editing of voice script via the CallStream Voice Studio completes the Voice recording management functionality such as record, play, delete, add description.
Media Processing and Management Features:
   CallStreamIVR provides Callflow studio, testing tools, upload, Voice Script Management, Content Management and Operation Administration & Maintenance utilities including:
Upload Call flow on-the-fly:
   Upload call flow at any time without interrupt the service.
System Monitoring:
   This utility allows administrators to assign applications to lines, to start and stop specific lines in order to update or change applications while other lines continue processing calls and to check the functioning of selected lines for the debugging of applications.
System Reporting:
   CallStreamIVR generate call detailed reports based on call counts (the total number of calls by application for every hour of a day), line usage (the total number of calls coming by port every hour of a day) and user-defined event counts (every node can set counter to increment usage). CallStreamIVR also generate call detail records (CDRs) and a error log file that CallStreamOAM will be retrieved for centralized monitoring.
All-In-One Board:
   As IP telephony gains increasing market acceptance, the requirement emerges for a new class of platform that can combine voice over IP (VoIP) connectivity with traditional PSTN connectivity and voice processing functionality.
   CallStreamIVR is a scalable, high-performance development platform for converged PSTN and IP telephony solutions, designed to meet the connectivity, flexibility, and performance requirements of new applications such as VoIP gateways and IP media servers. It is supported by the rich and flexible Voice, Fax, Conference, Switching, VoIP activating by turn on software license with no additional hardware is required.
   Use SNMP remotely view CallStreamIVR’s performance such as software installed or version, System Status, Board Status, Chassis Status etc..
Content Management:
   In multi system environment, it’s very difficult to maintain callflow and voice file update everytimes that callflow is changed by using CallStream Content Management.
   It’s automatically upload callflow and voice file to multiple media server and presetting date and time, it's preventing from human error while saving manpower and efficiency. 
Support for SS7 (ANSI & ITU):
   The CallStreamSIU SS7 Signaling Gateway provides a signaling interface between CallStreamIVR and SS7 networks.
Support for Multiple Protocols:
   With CallStreamIVR, protocols can be set per T1/E1 or for the entire Platform. CallStreamIVR system can support multiple digital trunks from multiple operators with different protocols.
CallStreamIVR Modules:
   Standard CallStreamIVR for Solaris UNIX software includes modules for general IVR, CallStream Studio GUI, Speech Editor, Report Tools, Database Connection Advance.
   CallStreamIVR for Windows (2000) software includes modules for general IVR, OAM, VoIP, SS7, Voice Recognition, Thai Text-to-Speech, Thai Speech Recognition, Fax, ODBC, SNMP, Conference, Multi-Chassis and Web Base Report are offered as optional modules.
   * Standard configuration subject to change at any time without notice.
Sun System Professional Services:
   Sun Systems has a strong team of professionals with experience using the CallStream Studio to Create  and develop specialized applications such as Mobile Chat, Karaoke, Speech e-mail, Song delicate Service.Contact Us to see what we can help you differentiate the value added services.
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