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CallStream Multi-Media Contact Center Features:
   CallStream Multi-Media Contact Center Solution offers a comprehensive and unified solution for Customer Interaction Management (CIM). The universal or single queue approach enables contact centers to efficiently interact with their customers, regardless of the media they choose for communication.
   The CallStreamCTI solution offers a distinct advantage in the complex and competitive CIM marketplace. Our company and our solutions are differentiated by several key factors imperative to the success of any multi-media contact center.
Singular Queue:
   The CallStreamCTI’s singular queue for all multi-media contact types serves the customer in the way the customer chooses. The single routing engine (singular queue), not only provides customers with consistent interaction management across all media, but also includes extensive skills-based routing that matches the most appropriate resource to every customer's need. This skills-based routing is not dependent on one media - it works across all media types.
   The CallStreamCTI offers comprehensive applications including multi-media routing of all interaction types robust ACD and PBX capabilities complete web services including e-mail, FAX, Scanned Document, Web chat, Web collaboration, integrated voice response (IVR), voice mail with unified messaging, quality assurance recording, agent scoring, Screen capture and a complete range of desktop devices and applications.
   The benefits of using an CallStreamCTI include improved customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty, increased agent productivity and lower total cost of ownership.
Relationship Building & Improved Customer Service:
   Outstanding customer service is the primary goal of most companies. Attaining this goal is often the direct result of how effective voice calls, emails and web-based communications are routed and managed within the contact center. Because the CallStreamCTI provides a single routing engine or universal queue your customers will be handled in the most efficient seamless manner possible with today's technology.
   Additionally, the CallStreamCTI's open platform provides ease of integration with CRM and other enterprise applications ensuring the highest level of business-driven management of all customer interactions. There is no better way to ensure improved customer satisfaction and retention with consistent service delivery across all contact channels than with CallStream Multi-Media Contact Center Solution.
Increased Productivity:
   Multi-media contact blending is one way to significantly improve productivity. In traditional contact centers, individual agents can only handle one contact type, requiring contact centers to create different pools of agents to manage different forms of contact.
   Each unique agent pool must then be staffed to maximum capacity to cover peak demand times, as well. With the CallStreamCTI, all agents can effectively handle all types of contacts, coverage is more flexible, fewer agents can handle the same demand, and idle agents are minimized at any time during the day.
   Agent productivity is also increased through the use of other CallStreamCTI features such as remote agent support, unified reporting for all media types, quality monitoring, Agent scoring, and dynamic supervisory control.
Lower Total Cost of Ownership:
   The CallStream solution offers a lower cost of ownership - lower capital costs and lower operating costs - which equates to a higher return on investment.
   Integration costs are kept to a minimum with the CallStreamCTI's comprehensive applications and open platform. And because the CallStreamCTI architecture is open and modular, your contact center is prepared for future growth.
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