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Ranger™ Fraud Management System
   Around the world telecom companies have realized the impact of fraud loss and are positioned at various stages of the revenue assurance pyramid. Some have implemented ad hoc processes, some have turned to automated solutions to help prevent the malaise, while a few are looking at fraud management as a part of an integrated revenue assurance challenge.
   But at whatever stage the operator might be in managing fraud, the world telecom scenario has traversed onto the next generation of networks and services. From mere hype to stark reality, the march towards the future is on!
   Ranger™ thus provides operators multiple points for fraud combat, facilitating the leverage of existing investment in BSS/OSS systems to improve overall return on investment.
   Ranger™ has the 2nd largest installed base worldwide for fraud management systems.
   Ranger™, part of the RevMax™ suite of products, is a complete fraud management system whose modular architecture enables operators to plan and execute a phased implementation schedule.
   Ranger™ Subscriber Pre-check Module facilitates monitoring of new subscribers through crosschecking of new subscriber information with database of fraudsters using multiple matching techniques, covering numerous fields.
   Ranger™ Prepaid Fraud Management Module aids fraud detection in pre-paid service based on odd value refills, manual refills at the pre-paid signal control point, repeated refills, etc.
   Additionally, it curbs internal fraud in pre-paid business through multiple layers of tracking, role-based access and security mechanisms.
   Ranger™ Credit & Collections Module enables assigning credit limits to various subscribers while keeping track of their usage against this credit limit. These credit limits can be linked dynamically to the subscribers' actual behavior, to anticipate potential fraud.
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