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Revenue Assurance:
Are You Leaking Profits?
   Many telecom companies allow revenue to leak from their operations and don't even know it. Most leakage results from flawed business processes, inflexible systems or a lack of integration between different points in a company's information architecture.
   However, a successful revenue assurance program can significantly increase the bottom line.Revenue assurance is a continuous, iterative process affecting virtually every department in the company.
INcharge™ Total Telecom Revenue Assurance And Cost Management
    INcharge™ is a true, end to-end, Revenue Assurance System, with an ability to audit the entire OSS chain from the SS7 probes, all the way up to the billing system. INcharge™ interfaces with a variety of support systems and network elements, which enables it to process usage information, track discrepancies and identify potential revenue leakages.
   INcharge™, with its ability to plug into every point in the OSS chain, ensures that the carrier has accurately billed every single service or feature provisioned for and used by a subscriber. This guarantees integrity of incoming and outgoing interconnect-invoices and validates charges against rates and inventory of installed/activated equipment, leased facilities and circuits.
   INcharge™ SS7-to-Invoice Verification Module enables collection, collation, rating and reconciliation of subscriber usage data, ensuring that the carrier has accurately billed for every single service or feature provisioned for and used by a subscriber.
   INcharge™ Interconnect Invoice and Traffic Verification Module facilitates reconciliation of both incoming and outgoing invoices raised on and by interconnect partners.
   INcharge™ Facilities Verification Module validates charges against rates and inventory of installed / activated equipment, leased facilities and circuits and is flexible to accommodate a wide variety of charging models.
   INcharge™ OSS Reconciliation Module triangulates between all services and features provisioned in the network, service usage data available from the network (including SS7) and those allocated to subscribers in the billing system, thereby identifying discrepancies across the OSS chain.
   INcharge™ Test Call Generator Module provides for proactive revenue assurance scenario builders for new services. The module takes advantage of existing leakage data to build realistic scenarios and run the scenarios to identify potential leakages.
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