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Value Added Service Solutions:
Welcome SMS Solution
   With roaming traffic figures currently exploding, mobile operators are only just beginning to exploit a fraction of a profitable stream of revenues on a highly volatile market.
   Pampering your roamers is a distinct challenge and this requires operators to be fully aware of their current roamers’ profiles at a given moment. This is why we developed our suite of SMS Welcome applications which takes such criteria into consideration (i.e. defining targeted market segments, pushing relevant information at the most appropriate time through SMSs, and operating a simple-to-use system based on the notion of message scenario building) while subsequently boosting international roaming airtime.
Location Based Service:
   LBS is a state-of-the-art system offering powerful location-based service capabilities to Cellular Network operators. It provides a centralized and managed connection point to the operators network for location-based services and applications.
   LBS system simplifies network complexity and provides a simple method of location determination to external applications by exporting a subscriber's location information using open standardized API. Those applications can therefore be independent of the underlying network technology. This architecture can be used by applications that operate within the network operator's domain or that are executed outside the core network.
Missed Call:
   The Who-Called solution is the "missed call capture" solution. This solution is meant to be used for events of missed calls on the home network, As can be seen from the material below.
   The solution utilizes passive probes on the signaling network to provide an encompassing solution which covers not only voice-mail or specific events, but rather all of the missed call events. The solution is a commercially deployed and a proven solution which has been shown to significantly increase operator revenues from completing otherwise "lost" call events
   Empower your subscribers with Color Ring Back Tone
   No more boring ringback tones. Subscribers now have new ways to express their personality to those who call them. Color Ring Back Tone, an exciting, profitable new service available today to wireless and wireline operators, empowers subscribers to select world-class original recordings of music, sounds, and voices for callers to hear in place of the conventional ringback.
   Color Ring Back Tone’s market-proven capabilities enable speedy deployment time and a fast return on investment, while allowing operators to:
  • Strengthen brand by offering an entertaining service
  • Attract and retain today's youth and teen demographic
  • Generate revenue through premium fees
  • Benefit from quick adoption rates to shorten ROI and time to revenue
  • Keep current subscribers engaged and attract new ones
  • Build new relationships with leading content providers or leverage existing content relationships
Mobile Karaoke:
   Mobile karaoke service, customers will have access to a music station simply by dialing access code. Customers can then choose from the latest hit songs by top performers, or can record and mix their own karaoke performances. Users can also dedicate their songs and forward them to any mobile phone, specifying the date and time of message delivery. Customers are notified via SMS once their personalized song has been delivered.
   Enabling WAP access IVR by combining easy of use GUI from WAP page and IVR for voice content, user can request verities of voice service by browsing from the WAP menu instead of traditional DTMF keypad, easy to use because WAP can deliver large menu of choice than keypad like user can select artist name, song, set date / time, it’s reduce the access time rather that listen to each IVR menu, user simply invoke the service via WAP XML request to CallStreamIVR then the WAP command phone dial out to service access number at the right IVR menu or content.
   Sending short recorded voice message to any phone instead of text SMS. It’s fast and easy than normal short message input from keypad. The sender only dial to VoiceSMS service then record voice after the tone and hang-up system will schedule delivery message to destination number. It’s could be legacy phone or any phone network. It is work when user drive the car or don’t want to express their feeling directly.
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