Sunsystems the leader in autoresponder technology.

  • Sun Systems have enhanced services technologies throughout the past ten years. Today, our product line includes solutions for VASs, enhanced / intelligent switching, call / media processing, VoIP, unified messaging, wireless e-mail, CallCenter, Helpdesk Applications, Thai Text to Speech, Thai Automatic Speech Recognition and Value Added Services Platform.
  • Additionally, SunSystems has strong strategic relationships with global partners to allow us to offer our customers the best solutions. Our headquarters office is in Bangkok, Thailand
  • Today, telecom industry is becoming increasingly competitive, Airtime low and churn ever-increasing, Operators are investing in value-added services platforms to differentiate and increase their ARPU and Utilized network Capacity.
  • Systems is leading in developing complexity value added service using CallStream Studio graphic user interface for create call flow rapidly then test and deploy service with out interruption the traffic (On-The-Fly).

Additionally, with our local support. Our goal to get our system up and running as quickly as possible – reducing time to market and return on investment and to help them to manage and maintain systems after implement as Service level Agreement (SLA) 24x7. We also offer turn key project management, Design, Implement, installation, support, training and professional services.